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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 4, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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learning how to use jobs and was unveiled their new computer in the spring of one thousand nine hundred seventy seven at the computer fair in san francisco the apple two is a smush ate. the apple two was a huge that it was actually really the first all usable personal computer the apple two always you know i always thought it was magical because you could do almost anything you thought of if you were creative enough the apple two the first personal computer designed for the general public the sales are phenomenal it in bodies the computer revolution but it has a serious hundred count and the person who has the solution is boogie. was the acro version of basic but it wasn't completely up to date that was a certain aspect of it that wasn't in there so they began looking around for another version of basic that ran on that ship at the apple two used and microsoft
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was a company that had it so they got in touch with bill gates. with basic microsoft supplies what the apple two lacks this is the first collaboration between bill gates and steve joel but at the end of the seventy's thanks to the success of the apple two the spotlight is on steve jobs and then in one nine hundred eighty they went public so there are all these people have stock that got very rich and it was one of the first public companies in the personal computer space where people got rich so than people started to really paying attention what's it like to get rich it's very interesting i was worth. over a million dollars when i was twenty three and over ten million dollars when i was twenty four and over one hundred million dollars when i was twenty five but. especially at that point in my life it was it was not the most important thing the
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most important thing was the company the people the products we were making the products also the obsession of bill gates his vision of a world organized a run software. there's a lot of people who are forecasting that they'll be software stores just like there are record stores today and that they'll be thousands and thousands of those and i think i'd have to agree with that or mine of those first product was basic and that was sold to apple and that was sold to radio shock and commodore they were all customers so he already was doing business with sort of everybody that was trying to make personal computers he was the first person to really have the idea of a software company separately from a hardware company and that maybe the software company was going to create more value hard work but apple was the big elephant you know bill gates was the mouse so bill gates being that position he was a scheming you know strategic guy and he managed to work his company up despite the
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fact that the giants of the personal computer business apple and to some extent in i.b.m. were giants and he had to get his software on to them in order to grow his company . i.b.m. the computer hardware giant soon entered the new personal computer market but computing was a nothing without software so i.b.m. known as big blue turns to bill gates who seizes the opportunity and in one thousand nine hundred eighty signs of a lucrative contract with i.b.m. his new computer operating system would run on all i.b.m. p.c. and most dos is the backbone of the p.c. and it makes the computer easier to use. the smartest thing he did maybe the smartest thing he ever did. computer business was that he got
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i.b.m. to sign a deal that gave him a one time payment. i don't allow him to license it other people might clone i.b.m. specie i.b.m. did not really think anybody else was in a successfully clone their p.c. so they didn't care it's bill gates is a must have strong in addition to his contract with i.b.m. he retains the right to sell his computer operating system to any of big competitors bingo with dos gates sets the software standard for the entire p.c. industry i'd say within six months of him doing the i.b.m. deal. everybody in silicon valley knew about microsoft the. in the early eighty's steve jobs and bill gates are still under thirty two key players in a rapidly expanding industry meteoric success stories for two very different
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personalities. robert cringely knew both men well he worked with gates and jobs starting in the late seventy's a former staff member at apple he switched to journalism and for more than thirty years has written about their rivalry with bill was always about the money with steve it was never about the money and money is nice but it was never about them i am so that that made them black and white you know up and down up a hole they were there very very different people i hired steve jobs at atari when i think use ninety. he was very sure of himself and was quick to judge whether he thought you were smart or dumb and if he thought you were dumb he was very dismissive even if you were his supervisor
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he he was very good at knowing what he wanted and he would just steamroll you into doing it and he definitely relied on his instincts a lot he relied on his gut he talked about that all the time and that's a certain type of spiritual dimension of being into being you know we had read books about for instance goren chief a famous russian spiritual master who was always talking about integration and a whole mess which means using all your faculties which means using your third eye of vision. in the seventies like many of the hippies at the time steve jobs and his friend daniel costa leave to go to india the trip is a rite of passage a search for spiritual wisdom. we were looking for a wise man who had secrets of knowledge for us. nothing really
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much happened to us we did not find the guru we hoped we would find. steve would talk about all this. spiritual stuff and yet he could be a cool person you know he he he had a real troubles with intimacy he couldn't allow himself to get close to people. i don't know why you know he loved the idea of spiritual ism but to live it was hard for him. and bill is just geeky he's he he's just a very nerdy guy and as such in especially his early years he had problems communicating and being understood and his family didn't know what to do with them
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and he found his niche in business and technology and succeeding just on the basis of brainpower steve jobs a much better marketeers than more than bill gates was but he was not really that technical he was not a technical code writer bill gates could write code and write good code bill just different he led with the data and with the inside in the technology of the idea or steve led with you know what's it feel like to look like you know so. much more technical much more marketing where we are one. in one recent one. was.
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produced. in one thousand nine hundred forty jobs the king of marketing unleashes a groundbreaking advertising campaign this is to promote his newest creation the legendary macintosh a rampart against the r. well in world of the giant i.b.m. after the macintosh nothing would ever be the same again simpler operating features new design the mouse appears on the graphics interface those little windows that make life so much easier these innovations combined with software developed by microsoft like excel and word make the mag an overwhelming success in fact bill gates becomes a key figure in promoting the mac for years now it's a great machine it's a step forward in terms of the way users graphics and the speed of. business machine a lot of people are going to be able to afford that's a very very useful machine there was
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a lot of collaboration on there was microsoft roads really great. things for the for the muck you know excel came out first on the map the atmosphere was fine when he came i remember the first couple times remember that we were not competitors at all at that point they were our allies and helping making the macintosh happen so we got along very well with them they were similar toss in many ways. welcome to the macintosh software dating game. software ceo's could i please ask you to introduce yourself in a power to be of the dating game hosted by jobs the contestants of the software producers who contributed to the success of the my name is bill gates i'm chairman of microsoft and during one nine hundred eighty four microsoft expects to get half of its revenues are macintosh. behind the smiling facade
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steve jobs plays the king and treats bill gates like a vassal for me number three describe your ideal relationship with apple. will be so in our software independently so the key thing is that apple gets a lot of consistent standard machines out there quickly i spent the whole time two days in a y. e with bill being ignored. we were treated like some crappy little it was like the most oh it was horrible we went for a walk bill and i went for a walk all the way the diamond head and back on the beach talking about how screwed we were. going to do lotus going to kill us we are so let's show we had work prostin to excel we're just like we're just excel saturday extra because they were just blown his offer of. bill gates is bitter but we tains his foresight the monks renowned graphics interface represents
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the future of personal computers without a qualm he makes his move you know i didn't trust bill gates you know while we were working on the macintosh i was one of the first people apple to catch on to the fact that microsoft was cloning the macintosh they were making their own version of the macintosh operating system. i was always on the phone with a fellow who was in charge of microsoft's applications offer he was asking me questions about how the macintosh system software were that he didn't need to know to do what he was doing so i kind of caught on to the idea hey they're being the mac. i told steve he wasn't worried about it at all jobs is in reached when he learns that microsoft is launching a new operating system windows there was a pretty strong disagreement with windows game you know then that was probably of all of the things that are apple trying to come out was the that was the thing that that upset out the most the not so good people and so they're also they're you know
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their lawyers. and the summer and certainly you know i'm sure upset steve to some some extent. he was very upset and his first reaction was get bill gates down here tomorrow and i thought well boy you can't use all your competitor doubt it might take a week or so. i was amazed or was there the very next day. i was very impressed by bill gates because there was an extremely angry steve jobs in there and there are maybe eight or ten other apple people but just bill from microsoft no entourage no one there with angry steve jobs pouring down them just yelling at. you trade us how can you how can you be trained and bill gates as cool as can be said about well steve that's one way of looking at it i
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have another way of looking at it he knew that the graphical user interface was the future of computing and so if he wanted to be to remain in you know dos was everything dos was huge but he knew that if he didn't do windows he'd be out of business. bill gates goes on the offensive job's already had a taste of this when renewing licensing for basic which he quipped apple two still cupertino is best selling computer it's the end of their collaboration no it's open warfare they have a go she ation and bill held out for a extremely high price that he didn't expect to get and steve sell trapped and so he paid bill what bill asked. he overpay for the contract extension of. microsoft basic they made so much money from that
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apple contract that they devoted the excess money the money they never expected to get to creating an international business we always talk about companies plane cats it's a chess game well everybody else was playing chess bill was playing three dimensional chess he already had his move on another board already calculated from three moves on the previous board so if you look at the fact that microsoft more than half of microsoft's business is now outside of america that wouldn't have happened without apple were. the. gates increasing success job's becomes even more of a megalomaniac the world now revolves around him he creates his own personality cult the machine is hades and it literally recognizes him as it's.
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a great idea and listen oh it is well it's been. that i introduced a man who didn't like. speed. oh i think if you talk to a lot of people on the mac team they will tell you. it was the hardest they've ever worked in their life. some of them will tell you it was you know the happiest they've ever been in their life but i think all of them will tell you that is certainly one of the most intense than cherish experiences they will ever have. to do so. you know so. some of those things you you are not sustainable for some people. donald presence on donald trump jr was promised
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a damaging information about hillary clinton an obligation to see an investigation stick to see the trump campaign with russia did you at any time of the urge the former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form to close sort of back down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you. know. next question bottle field washington on al jazeera. i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. just that we all come from different places but it's one that gives us that gives us the ability to identify the people when they have a side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al jazeera. germany's capital there is
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a barber like no other sort of what he t.v. . market goes from across what you have. but as he said he changes his movie. going on the road. the stories. told by the people who live. on al-jazeera. i know i'm in london just a quick look at the top stories algeria's president as he's beautifully officially entered the race for a fifth consecutive term in office ignoring the demands of thousands of protesters his official bid for reelection has now been submitted by his campaign manager he
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said cheerfully ko will call for fresh elections if he is re-elected meanwhile hundreds of people have also marched in paris in solidarity with the algerian protest as the french capital is home to a large algerian population more protests also took place in the city of must say it's very important to not only say no to a fifth terms of presidency but see no to a regime that has taken us all hostage for so long for all these decades the u.s. and south korea have announced they will scale back joint military exercises the large scale drills on the korean peninsula have been a point of contention with north korea's leader kim jong un washington and seoul say it's all part of efforts to improve ties with pyongyang the decision follows president donald trump's second summit with kim jong il and one noise which ended without an agreement. funerals have been held for some of the victims of the recent fighting in the disputed region of kashmir at least seven people were killed on
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saturday in cross border shelling between india and pakistan tensions remain high after both sides said they shot down each other's jets on wednesday. as being a large explosion in the eastern syrian town of who's where i so fighters are trying to cling on to the last territory they hold in the country the u.s. backed kurdish s.d.f. forces of launched a final assault on the armed group to drive them from all civilians have been cleared from the town and taken to an s.d.s. camp near the border with iraq. and vote counting has started following parliamentary elections in a stone poll that is seen as a test for the far right center left prime minister is the front runner but he's likely to face difficulties forming a parliamentary majority he's in a tight race with the liberal reform party and the nationalists a stunning conservative people's party has been making gains since the migration crisis in two thousand and fifteen. well we'll bring you more on all of those
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stories in the news hour that's coming up in about twenty five minutes time i'll see you a bit later to say without is there a bye for now. a difficult i'm sure you leader those close to steve jobs describe him as unapologetically pragmatic a dictator who ruled up about your instinct more than loyalty he believed in a very small groups of people being coursed in the greatness. that was in part because he felt that he could only. lead i have felt people at most and so why not lead the best and the so he was constantly trying to figure out who is the best ever you know i was fired by steve jobs three times i was fired because i kept dropping out of the best.
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i'm john sculley brother of apple in one thousand nine hundred three steve jobs lures joan sculley away from pepsi cola to become c.e.o. of apple with this legendary phrase you want to keep selling sugar water all your life or do you want to come with me and change the world they start off as the perfect do you do to mediocre mac sales combined with jobs increasingly to run ical counted to the honeymoon is soon over. it came down to eventually on the board a war between john sculley and steve jobs and in the end because steve jobs had actually burned out so many people and created so much animosity and fear about himself when the board came to a vote it was almost like the entire company voted that when they would rather not
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have steve jobs around anymore. tell us about your departure from that. it was very painful i'm not even sure i want to talk about it. what can i say i had the wrong guy that was stolen. and. he destroyed everything i spent ten years working for and a friend of mine who was working at apple that day the day that steve left and they were all called out of their offices and they all assembled down on the in the parking lot and sat on the curb and everything and they were. told our one of our you know our founder steve jobs is leaving the company and nobody care they're like good good we can get our work done with all of this craziness and madness and nobody cared. for steve jobs his eviction from apple in one nine hundred eighty
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five it feels like the tragic end of a love story he has been robbed of his child soon afterward using his own money he creates a new company next he is going to prove to everyone that he doesn't need outpolling and will continue to revolutionize the world of computers in his own mind he was the sole genius behind apple ours but we got it right now thanks. to mr because he needed friends he needed people to help. and microsoft never did anything for me. but they didn't oppose next either you know bill didn't seem next as a factor. he didn't see he didn't seem next as good as being evil having the potential for success and so he didn't have to oppose it.
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first thing to look at in this product is user interface that's perhaps the most important thing about this product this is the user interface of windows two point zero of windows in the late eighty's after a basic and dos bill gates wanted his new operating system windows to become the standard system worldwide roland hansen is the man who made bill gates the software industry's number one media figure and it's also due to this marketing wizard that windows the graphics into fees which would conquer the world owes its name. we realized that the opinion where you know they were calling these buoys none of these right were calling them goodies anymore they were calling them all windowing systems because they were creating windows on the screen. or is it a holy crap if these are all we're doing systems there's only one name we can
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be we have to be microsoft windows. well windows ninety five is so easy even a talk show host figured out. windows was an affront. to jobs windows was an insult to jobs. descent relative of mine windows in just ten years is installed in almost all computers on the market gaining planetary success with windows ninety five gates and the p.c. definitively dethrone the mac. if you make i've grown man cry. windows was
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a way to move everything that he wanted to do forward and it was the foundation for everything that followed. that was one of the windows ninety eight came out real revolution personal computer windows as you point out as are ninety percent of the computers around the world i mean today still is a phenomenal fact. and i don't see that changing anytime soon with the fantastic success of windows ninety five the geek from seattle becomes the monster of software and also the richest man in the world interviewed at the time by robert cringely steve jobs expresses his contempt in a few stinging words he describes what caused the break between him and his old wife the only problem of microsoft is they just have no taste they have absolutely no taste and. that means is that i don't mean that in a small way i mean in a big way. so i guess. i am saddened not by microsoft's success i have
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no problem with their success they've earned their success for the most part i have a problem with the fact that they just make really third rate products their products have no spirit to them the. the steve decided that. maybe he had gone too far so he called he called bill up on the phone to apologize and he said he said bill. you know i saw the documentary you know i think i think maybe maybe i shouldn't have said that publicly about about having those days and and bill said well thank you steve you know our really want to thank you for doing that i think you went too far and then bill said and then steve said but it's true you know. you
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have no. i think i should've said it publicly but you know it's true and bill said steve i may have a taste but you said my whole company has those days. after the failure of next and by the success of his wife bill gates jobs gets back on his feet by investing in pixar a computer animation film company that would become a good mine and as usual he takes food credit for it. but when i first met ed catmull who ran the computer division of lucas film who i founded pixar with we did it together. ed showed me what they were working on and i was i was blown away in the graphics were you know years beyond anything i'd ever seen before and he told me of his dream to make the first computer animated feature film and i bought into that dream both sort of emotionally and financially and we
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found at pixar. it's just wrong you know it's just wrong that's the part of the marketing story that he sold about himself which is a good story but it's just wrong he's not pixar these the money of pixar he seductively narcissistic or to feel that something's just not right there but. whenever he wants to sell some boy does he do it including himself in one thousand nine hundred ninety five toy story is the first fully computer run emitted film to become a blockbuster it paves the way for pics on his continued success propelling a triumphant steve jobs to center stage once again and here's where steve did something he was really good at he grabbed the moment. and he took the company public based on nothing we had basically no cash. we just had this movie and then your critics it was going to be good and he took this is where he can sell
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something right he took that idea and sold it to pixar public became a billionaire overnight ten years after jobs departure apple still hasn't recovered the company is on the verge of bankruptcy one last card to play the return of the wonder boy apple appoints joins a c.e.o. and bice's former failing company next when he came back to apple in nine hundred ninety six he was a much more mature much better you know he'd gone through a success of one company with a failure of another so he had left his youthful craziness behind it. i think is one of the greatest turnarounds in the history of of any industry in any country anywhere to have a man come back to a company that was really going down very rapidly. and very bad shape and
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then pull off that success that he did something half of it backs that did changed and what i believe it was was that for the first time it was his money next it was his money he was losing. at apple it was arthur rock's money you know it was the it was the public's money it was wall street's money it wasn't real money. to his return to apple steve jobs back into mind develops a new plan of action an occasion to make an amazing the known to his adoring public . and i'd like to announce one of our first partnerships today a very very meaningful one and that is one with microsoft. the discussions actually began because there was some. patent disputes and rather than now i know. rather
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than now repeating history i'm extremely proud of both companies that they have resolved these differences in a very very professional way and i happen to have a special guest with me today via satellite downlink and if we could get him up on the stage right now. that i've done in my career bill was genuinely happy when steve came by i think he recognized and felt. that losing apples as a successful company wouldn't be good for the industry and so and i think that was. that was when the relationship became closer and the relationship stayed close bill didn't do a favor for the city what bill did was microsoft had
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a successful business selling macintosh applications they were making a profit selling macintosh applications if apple went out of business the back software business at microsoft would go out of business too. so he had a franchise to protect now the fact that steve jobs was sort of crawling you know made it better bill gates has another motive for coming to steve jobs aid the antitrust lawsuit pending against microsoft over its ten year windows monopoly. i'm here to share my story and answer questions about microsoft and the p.c. industry. i hope that my testimony helps the court to resolve the issues in this case that would be bill especially after the trust battle. really the day to day part of the company was really.
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getting to be very hard on him and that microsoft was so big and so successful that it was a time that he could move on and go on to something else. as gates steps a selling job as clients to new heights he adopts a new concept the ad campaign think different i return to his original idea of simplicity. the pain i most respect about apple is they have found a way to make complex things something. that was the thing different campaign thing different really got you the fare but then when you went to really explored. it was different. a brilliant marketing idea for the i mock the new home computer that
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gives its users the feeling of being special set apart from the standardised world of the p.c. . then he said ok i could build macintosh this forever but that would be boring so we're going to create the digital hub strategy and we're going to create the i pod in the i phone and the touch pad and everything and they're going to connect through computers but the computer is only about. if we're going to carry their computers around and that's the strategy for ninety seven ninety eight ninety nine when they came up with that so then he could do what he did best which was designed brand new products so that steve jobs is that it's like i am an alchemist i am a magician. i am going to make this rabbit disappear i'm not just going to make a rabbit i may disappear i want to make the buttons move around they like things that are matched. with the world steve jobs makes
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a new and unique contribution to our way of life a new digital wound with a single brand name that means innovation design and user friendly ness not always true of microsoft products. the big change would is the i pod. steve song or use an m.p. three player threw a lot of them around for two years or the other. but they were reserved for techies and so apple created a better music player that was better because of the ease of use and then they had to fly the way to feed it. and in doing so of course. they are. took the record companies the cleaners you know they they they say they stole the music
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business from the record companies because the record company saw it now this is kind of interesting but it's not going to mean anything it's nothing you know this is no big deal apple told the record companies. that their goal in the first year was to sell a million music downloads. they sold a music a million music downloads in the first week. they sold one hundred million the in the first year. they sold a billion in the first two years and the music business has changed forever and the record companies say that what where did that come from. an i pod. a phone. and an internet communicator. an i pod.
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the iphone defining steve jobs as a modern visionary able to satisfy every consumer need and desire. confronted with counsel perhaps he realizes his days a number no time to lose to make his mark in history that apple is going to reinvent the phone he was our running a company that had gone off and done some really amazing things and it was no longer in this sort of i'm in the shadow of a bill gates about the shadow of microsoft apple's become this enormously successful company apple's those more business when i really have all those more business and i phones and microsoft those in total business and they're the most valuable company in the in the world now steve jobs didn't change the world steve jobs capitalize on a lot of things bill changed the world bill made software what it is today if bill had created the standards you know him or stop us windows and was very
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dogmatic at making sure those standards took hold we wouldn't have the technology we have today and i'm talking globally i'm not talking of the united states globally he impacted the world in terms of what he did with software. he decided to do the same frame and form for perry. this is my last you know. and it's the middle of this year in july that i moved from being a full time employee at microsoft to working full time at the foundation be the first time since i was seventeen that i'd have my full time microsoft job far from the realm of high tech rivalry bill gates known chooses to help alleviate suffering in the world the foundation he heads with his wife melinda makes this billionaire the most generous philanthropist in history he keeps
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a vigilant tie on microsoft but today the dreams he no choose on linked to humanitarian causes is going to go down in history as the world's great swines was no doubt about it no one come closer and so i think for anybody else whether of steve jobs or whoever your view of bill changed a little bit when you saw what a good job he was doing i mean it wasn't like some guys screwing around with rock stars and occasionally showing up at a charity fundraiser because it really focused you know like achievable goals you know why about malaria no big deal you know things are just amazing right. what individual in the history of money has devoted twenty billion dollars to anything. no one would give bill gates so he's you know plays to win a place to win. steve never got their state ever give a penny pincher i once had a conversation with steve much waiter after bill gates retired from microsoft and he was doing what i thought was great stuff that trying to eradicate diseases in
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third world and stuff and i said well you know even though bill gates on a wrecked the technology industry for a decade or two you got to be proud of what he's doing now and steve look at me and said what do you mean distributing is ill gotten gains you know us and he wasn't ready to give him all that much credit for that. steve jobs never missed a chance to insult his old enemies like these awful commercials that made p.c. users and critics say something positive for the p.c. ok easy p.c. you are a wizard with numbers and you dress like a gentleman you see well. i guess you are a little better of creative stuff thank you even though it's two hundred miles which. maybe twice. in two thousand and seven the two giants come face to face for
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a last media event pos confrontation has at last given way to peaceful rival. first i called jobs because i thought he'd be the hardest to get and he said bill does it i will do it but we have to keep it i want to keep it on a high level i don't want to just be a fight was the greatest listener saying when you open your relationship and about eat each other what would you say would be we've kept our marriage secret for over a decade now and i want competitors in certain ways we watch the american way right the commercials and you get annoyed at each other from there i know i have to confess i like p.c. guy but yeah he's great i know you know that i want our to those you know the art of those commercials is not to be me but it's actually for the guys to like each other. on their. p.c. guys p.c.
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guys great i like it's not a big one. on his mother loves this mother but i just i have the bills still viewed. as kind of a freak and he's fascinated by you know that people say why did you let. steve treat you that way and bill than even though he was being treated a certain way he was just watching this and saying who is this guy how does this work i have is there an algorithm here i don't because i don't get it back. with steve jobs health deteriorating bill gates paid a last visit to his longtime rival and friend it would be a bittersweet and the last chapter in a legendary june. after a lifetime of enervation steve jobs died on october the fifth two thousand and eleven. bill gates and steve jobs high tech giants who
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revolutionized the way we live work and play. however can't quite say the heatwave is over but certainly for a large area this conference make a difference now it's not the temps back in tasmania victoria and south australia the full cost is below thirty for most places still quite warm in new south wales sydney's up to about the thirty mark proved last the extremes that person's on his
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way out maybe thirty two at least and that comes out of course has taken the sunshine away from tasmania to some degree with the lack of wind we are going to help with any remaining five s. which exist in tasmania and indeed victoria in fact the increasing cried still no real change in wind might help more on tuesday as the showers start. the coast of queensland there are few in the far north as well and the clouds increased in perth a humid city seven i suspect in new zealand now you're sitting in the middle of an area of high pressures that's just quiet gentle rotation in the sunshine can lead to cold nights because nights are getting longer but you still got twenty by the way even twenty four if you're in or couldn't get a cloud on the west coast which might be fairly persistent but inland it'll burn off quite happily we seem to be seeing significant rain once again in japan and the forecast just catches tokyo with it on monday.
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it does look more and more like bangladesh is becoming a one party state give me one good reason why the opposition. isn't the problem the human rights watch describes how opposition members have been arrested killed and even disappeared maybe have goes head to head with. a developer that is disputing the economic. development is not the same as democracy head to head on al-jazeera.
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hello i'm maryanne demasi this is the news hour live from london coming up.
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chanting long live algeria thousands take to the streets to protest against their president standing for a fifth term in office as his campaign manager of mit's his official. diplomacy not drills the u.s. and south korea decide to and large scale joint military exercises to tensions on the korean peninsula. a bridge too far it might be closed but venezuelans are still finding alternative ways to smuggle in much needed aid from colombia. and we report on a conservation campaign in kenya to save endangered turtles from extinction. and i'm firing a smile have all the day's sport including liverpool suffer a major blow in their bid to win the english premier league title they were held to a goal is drawn by local rivals everton.
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we begin in algeria where thousands of protesters are demanding president abdelaziz bouteflika abandon his plan to run for a fifth term in office the campaign manager of the eighty two year old submitted his official papers but said will call for fresh early elections if he is re-elected in april but the head of the election commission has said that all candidates must submit their candidacy papers in person it so beautifully is currently in switzerland receiving medical treatment and he has more. there are. students in algiers telling their president it's time to go. the protesters wanted the constitutional court to stop abdelaziz bouteflika standing for a fifth term in next month's election. police fired water cannon in the capital as
5:51 am
the crowd swells i know president beautifully care who's eighty two has used a wheelchair since suffering a stroke in twenty thirteen and is rarely seen in public he recently traveled to switzerland for medical checks. on saturday he said he's a veteran campaign manager possibly a tactic to calm the growing protest movements. the data for tens of thousands of people took to the streets in the capital and in towns across algeria protesters held rocks at police who fired tear gas more than two hundred people including dozens of police officers were injured the protests represent the biggest challenge the beautiful it has ruled since the twenty fourteen election which was denounced by the opposition member on the fourth. and twenty fourteen there were tens to hundreds of protesters so not that much we're seeing now hundreds of thousands of protesters and the concentration was just in algiers and maybe one or two towns but
5:52 am
that was it still intent of intensity scale geographical location. numbers we're talking about a very very different level and it's very surprising. in algeria half the population is under the age of thirty and calls for protests on social media have resonated particularly with young algerians who struggle to find employment for now their anger is sustaining the protests. well the huge protests in algeria have triggered a show of solidarity in france which has a large algerian population hundreds marched through the streets of the french capital paris and more protests took place in the southern port city of musée protesters say algerians in the french capital feel a great sense of solidarity with those demonstrating back home. it's very important to not only say no to a fifth terms of presidency they see no to
5:53 am
a regime that has taken us all hostage for so long for all these decades. so for mourners let's be to pull more cruft he's an author and expert on politics and security in the middle east and joins me live in the studio now thank you for speaking to us the president has promised to step down after the next election and to implement reforms we know that he's sick and incapacitate him probably not even in the country right now how might those inside the regime be positioning themselves at the moment you could ask the big question is he still alive it's a bit like i exaggerate but it's a bit like i'll cede the famous film. has to his propped on a horse on the day in order to get through that temporary period and this is the peril that whatever happens he's got to go through this because he's the symbol of stability so it was pretty obvious that you know he's not in the capacity breaks the all the rules because he's not fit to govern but they've just got to have
5:54 am
a candidate to get through this then they're promising apple pie a new republican new constitution so it's a temporary period because. they need stability in a very dangerous region that's where it's all about so in terms of finding a replacement or a successor to beautifully and given the need for stability will the ruling establishment be able to maintain its unity or might we see cracks in it and competing claims to power well the ruling party like most ruling parties that have won the liberation war which is the. liberation front the trade union throughout africa the same in southern africa but they do have to share power so there's some businessmen who work with the government but it's in a lot of arab countries particularly in the magreb what matters is the mojave route or its intelligence organization they will deciding where we decide who they're be
5:55 am
working with who would be the next front man because the present president today chooses a almost dead zombie government there will. be deciding who will take over after after these elections so they're the deciders they'll be working with yes some businessmen some civil authorities some party members but this is going to be a fix but the expectation i suppose had been that a successor to put a flea would have been found by now the fact that he was pushed out to run for a fifth term suggests that they haven't been able to decide on who should replace him there is no consensus there once a bit like sudan in the fact this very similar situation where they missed out on the arab spring but now there is a lot of opposition to the president who's been in power even longer that area and so he's always said well we haven't had time to find success about what has happened in algeria is that they've been purged so the people who have stood tried to stand and there are one or two people in there probably is one or two who've
5:56 am
already been picked but they're a bit old the generals from the liberation war so whether you're going to have a real proper general as in egypt or you're going to have a civilian front but behind the scenes the mob about the intelligence the military will be pulling the strings in my view how strong is that regime then behind president beautifully they strong enough to be able to withstand mobilization on this scale with with hundreds of thousands taking to the streets. they'll jury an army is one of the best in the middle east it's efficient it's large it's dealing with lots of problems on all its borders because of our qaida and other jihad it's and the fact is that there's not this is not going to be a libyan no matter what happens because the west france america doesn't want to have topple the regime and have jihad is coming over syria so the external and internal factors mean there will be a succession there will be stability and they will appoint somebody there where the people accept that is another matter i don't think there's the anger and hostility
5:57 am
against the president which you saw in egypt that he did hope to heal the wounds of the civil war he has he has brought some measure of prosperity but he can't buy off the votes is because the economy is is is crumbling so there are lots of problems for the successor but all that matters is the next few months a stable succession that's what all this is about for more craft thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us. on now in the other stories we're covering talks between the taliban and the u.s. have ended for the day in doha the discussions aimed at resolving a seventeen year war in afghanistan not the highest level negotiations between the two sides since washington stepped up peace efforts last year but sticking points remain including how much involvement the afghan government should have in any final deal dosage of parys been following the talks. they five has wrapped up here talks between the u.s.
5:58 am
and the taliban in this hotel right behind me now they have not reached an agreement yet we've spoken to officials from both sides the americans say there it doesn't look like they're going to have any kind of an agreement in the coming days so they're still working on it the taliban are adamant that they're only discussing the future of fourteen thousand u.s. troops currently in afghanistan this is the only subject they're discussing with the americans at this point and they want the troops to leave their country within the next few months the americans however are proposing that their troops leave afghanistan in the coming years this is an issue that is being worked on here in doha and both sides are hopeful that they will reach an agreement in the coming days meanwhile on the ground in afghanistan people a dying in record numbers a u.n. report documented three thousand eight hundred civilian deaths last year including nearly a thousand children that's the highest number since record keeping began in two thousand and nine charlotte has more from kabul. it's lunchtime when
5:59 am
fifty eight year old mohammed who say arrives to open a shop he saw string sort of a container in the symmetry doesn't get busy until the afternoon but it's busier than it's ever been. every day we're witnessing burials here there is no beings left on this hill top we are suffering from these attacks. the u.n. says thirty eight hundred civilians including one thousand children were killed in afghanistan last year it's a record for mohammed those numbers come to life in the hills around him he's lived at the foot of the symmetry watching it expand for over a decade. it is very painful in a nightmare from now when they bring the bodies sometimes twenty thirty even forty to be buried. the u.n. says one of the reasons for the record number of civilian deaths is i saw suicide attacks that were particularly deadly last year and they often targeted the shia
6:00 am
minority over here and western kabul resulting in a lot of people being brought up here to be symmetry which is quickly filling up the un report found the biggest killer of civilians was the taliban responsible for thirty seven percent of deaths the taliban rejects the un's finding somebody was. meeting of tribal elders former taliban commanders in kabul spoke out against it this week they laid the blame on afghan and international forces. raids and killing innocent people people who reads people get killed in a strikes. last year was the first on record that more than five hundred civilians were killed because of airstrikes mostly by international forces who say they do investigation review credible allegations of errors to learn and improve but in the blame game of the afghan war the un hopes they can be some accountability.


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